To ignite a passion for lifelong learning, so that we can nurture resilient, compassionate, critical thinkers in a constantly changing world


Understand our place and responsibilities in the world

Guide students to develop a balanced sense of self-identity, understanding the opportunities and responsibilities that they have as global citizens

  • The Ten Masteries are clearly identified as underpinning the whole school philosophy, approach & continuum to learning.
  • A challenging HIS Graduate Profile, reflecting the attributes of the Ten Masteries is fully implemented; 97% of Year 11 students having successfully gained the full award by 2023.
  • The school values are clearly evident in PB4L data, with clear & consistent behaviour evident in student’s daily conduct
  • Students, have a strong sense of personal identity, knowing their histories, cultural traditions and languages
    • 100% of Malaysian students achieve ‘A* – C’ grades, and 90% achieve ‘A* – A’ grades in IGCSE Malay Foreign Language
    • At least 50% of Malaysian students to pursue higher level qualifications in Malaysian languages (SPM or HSK Level 4-6, IGCSE Mandarin 1st or 2nd Language)
  • Students can demonstrate a clear capacity to understand matters from different points of view & frames of reference in debates, essays, & reports; recognising their responsibility to express themselves in clear, relevant & open-minded ways
  • The Ten Masteries is utilised as the starting point for the whole school curriculum and learning map
  • Develop a challenging HIS Graduate Profile Diploma and Masteries Awards System reflecting the holistic aims of the Ten Masteries, recognising student’s achievement in these
  • Implement Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) based on the school values as a consistent schoolwide approach
  • Regularly utilise local (Malaysian) and Asian (as comparative) contexts; authors, history, cultural traditions, & geography for learning, especially in KS1-3
  • Develop Preschool & Primary School bilingual English – Mandarin programme in selected classrooms
  • Develop Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia so students are fully prepared to opt for IGCSE First Language & SPM/HSK
  • Promote regular opportunities for Student Agency:
    • Reorganise Student Council for more active, whole school representation
    • School-based leadership roles and initiatives e.g. Foyer Music, Solar Power & Gardens initiative in & around school
      local community service projects, where students actively initiate, lead, and volunteer time (beyond simple fund raising) on an ongoing basis e.g. Powering the Remote Kampung with Solar
  • All units of learning are to include opportunities for criticalthinking via deliberate consideration of conflicting or opposing points of view, testing the credibility of sources:
    • Don’t limit research to sympathetic sources; find sources that disagree with one’s argument
    • Carefully consider all facts and perspectives in an attempt to find the most reasonable view of the issue.
    • Use of neutral language, as opposed to emotionally charged, biased, or polemical language in presenting views
    • Awareness of the concept of cognitive dissonance


Develop an authentic, relevant and challenging curriculum

Challenge educational norms and boundaries to provide a rigorous, innovative and trans-disciplinary learning journey that has true relevance to our future

  • Assessment data reflects genuine value added progress for all learners; equipping with the attitudes, attributes, knowledge, skills and understanding to fulfil their potential
  • Students exhibit effective Deep Learning skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, citizenship, and character, particularly in STEAM and financial literacy. They can effectively communicate learnings through a range of media & a variety of audiences
    • 85% of KS3 students successfully complete the highest level of the Math & Science Challenge Awards by 2023
    • 75% of KS3 students successfully complete PBL initiative
  • Learners creativity is cultivated through the school’s active promotion of the arts, languages, sports and enterprise:
    • 100% of KS2 – 4 students involved in extra-curricular sport, arts or entrepreneurship activity each year
    • School sports teams gain major placings in 80% of leagues
    • 65% of KS2&3 student exhibit in the Art & DT exhibitions
    • 65% of students perform in school orchestra, band, productions
  • HIS recognised in Malaysia as a leading innovator in STEAM
  • Draft and implement whole school backwards mapped schemes of work, that clearly show learning progressions from Preschool – Year 13 in all subject areas
  • Redesign Library space into a digital media learning centre, as the central hub for learning; staffed by teacher-librarians and Learning Innovation Coaches/ IT tech support staff
  • Develop and implement a school wide design-cycle model
  • Promote a highly visible sports and arts programme
    • Develop a brass band, orchestra, Chinese orchestra, Chinese drums providing sufficient instruments and rehearsal time
    • Annual major production, alternating primary & secondary
    • Major bi-annual Art & Design exhibitions;
  • Develop and implement a Science, Technology and Maths Challenge Awards system in Key Stages 2&3; students work on extension and enrichment activities in their own time
  • Expand STEAM programme with supporting timetable:
    • Centralise location of Technology, Art & Design so become shared whole school spaces
    • Develop an Innovation Room where students & staff can work on own project based learning initiatives in spare time
    • Primary (Year 5 – 6) teachers partner with secondary specialists for science, technology & design lessons
    • School design solar powered go-karts; attempt Malaysia speed record. Partner with Aston Martin to organise interschool solar car competition
  • Develop and implement student-initiated Project Based Learning, where groups of students can collaborate to present and work on proposals in their own time with negotiated facilitator support (and limited class release) in:
    • STEAM related project
    • Entrepreneurship labs, Bloomberg stock trading


Develop self-regulating learners

Equip students with the cognitive and non-cognitive competencies and dispositions so they know how they can and will succeed

  • Learners who are curious, resilient and optimistic in their outlook, with the courage to step outside their comfort zone
  • Learners who are metacognitively proactive in their learning, with clearly evident ability to think critically and creatively when approaching problems and opportunities
  • Learners can effectively use and analyse data to improve systems, processes and decision making
  • Learners who possess and can utilise the emotional IQ required to effectively collaborate as part of a team
  • Learners who are equipped with the social skills to comfortably and effectively communicate with people from a wide range of socio-economic, national and cultural backgrounds
  • Comprehensive and effective support systems are evident for all students with EAL and learning support needs so that each individual can satisfactorily access the curriculum with a high level of independence and confidence
  • Develop an annual outdoor camps programme for Years 4 – 11 classes, with each year group staying in a different location. Camp focus is on resilience, life skills & learning about aspects of Malaysian history, culture, geography, flora and fauna
  • All Year 9 – 11 students encouraged to participate to at least Bronze level in Duke of Edinburgh
  • Develop a consistent, school wide approach to the effective use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies
  • Develop consistent, school wide approach to the effective use of English Additional Language (EAL) provision
    • Admissions process to focus on identifying EAL needs
    • 6x EAL teachers posts created to focus on developing Language for Learning relevant to class/subject needs
    • Embed whole staff best practices- EAL student needs
    • Develop a summer school EAL programme
  • Develop a school wide approach to data gathering and analysis against learning targets; with students involved in this process, to inform and improve strategic decisions
  • Develop and implement comprehensive and unified whole school approach to learning support provision:
    • Remedial Reading teachers & Maths Intervention teachers
    • SEN teachers, EAL Teachers & Counsellors
  • Implement school wide metacognitive reading strategies
  • Implement school wide ‘Write This Essay’ Programme
  • Implement Performance Learning (PLEX) to develop students’ metacognitive capacity to be self-monitoring learners
  • Develop University & Careers Counsellor programme:
    • Introduce the World Ready Programme unique to HIS
    • Broaden international partnerships with universities


Develop professional efficacy and leadership

Cultivate a highly skilled, effective and reflective professional learning community around the School’s Mission, Vision and Values

  • Full accreditation with the Council of International Schools (CIS) and Federation of British International Schools Asia (FOBISIA) achieved by August 2022
  • The school guiding statements are highly visible and evident in and around the school. Community members can recite & fully explain the school Mission, Vision and Values, providing evidence as to how these are enacted
  • Administrative operations are transparent, understood and actively supported by all stakeholders; and run smoothly
  • Efficient lines of communication are evident across the school with all stakeholders given a voice and kept fully informed as evidenced by regular SWOT analysis and surveys
  • Staff feel valued, as evidenced through regular staff surveys and focus group discussions; and by staff retention
  • Staff appraisal process is seen as transparent and fair, built upon supportive accountability; Teacher Inquiry into own practice; decisions around professional development needs
  • Form CIS & FOBISIA accreditation Lead Teams to lead and facilitate our school review and improvement process
  • Draft and implement a Board Policy Manual, Manual of Authorities, & associated Departmental Procedure Handbooks: Educational provision, Admissions, HR, Finance, Purchasing, Facilities, and marketing
  • Develop a targeted, regular programme of professional training and reflection on practice
    • Regular Professional Learning Groups (PLGs) meetings
    • Fortnightly Co-teacher training meetings
    • Fortnightly Learning Support staff training meetings
    • Comprehensive beginning teacher mentoring programme
    • An on-going programme of middle & senior leader training
    • Comprehensive staff induction process
  • Develop an annual staff Performance Review process, founded upon the principles of supportive accountability and incorporating:
    • High Impact Teaching Strategies
    • Teaching as Inquiry & Professional Portfolios of Evidence
  • Streamline communication tools between school and home to two platforms (maximum)
  • Streamline relevant subjects into unified whole school departments for greater continuity in learning:
    • Bahasa Malaysia Department
    • Mandarin Department
    • PE Department
    • CCA & Sports – Athletics Director
  • Review staffing, how staff are deployed, and timetable allocations across the primary and secondary schools
  • Through parent engagement further develop HIS as a community hub by organising parent workshops, Saturday morning programme (Father – Son / Mother – Daughter workshops)