HELP International School believes wholeheartedly in the mantra that “Education is like a three-legged stool. The school is one leg, the student is another, and the parents are the third. It takes all legs holding up their load for the stool to stand.” All legs have an equal responsibility; different, yet equal.

The school has a responsibility to provide an innovative, relevant and viable curriculum. Engaging lessons crafted to develop the whole child should be delivered in a safe and supportive environment. Instruction should have the appropriate level of challenge. The school should be proactive in providing targeted feedback to each student in regard to closing achievement gaps. Finally, the school should introduce students to a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences that will help prepare them for life. 

The student has the responsibility to be a learner, not just a student. A student infers seat time. A learner embraces and takes ownership of his learning. The learner should engage in the classroom, know where he/she is in regards to mastering a target and be a good citizen, both in and out of the school. The learner should be open-minded, caring and respectful to all which he/she encounters. Ultimately, the student needs to take responsibility for themselves and their learning. 

Parents need to be their children’s first teachers. Developing language, introducing literacy, and making every activity a teachable moment are parents’ responsibilities. Parents should value education and support the school and teachers in whatever manner is doable for them. They should ensure that their children are well-rested and loved. Parents need to make sure that their children are on time and attend school regularly. Equally, they share in the responsibility to maintain mutually supportive, proactive communication between home and school. 

When all legs of the stool are holding up the stool equally, the stool is well balanced. All three legs want the same thing: the best education possible for children. Let’s build this stool to stand firmly each and every day for all children! Here at HELP International School, we invite all parents to take an active part in their child’s education.