All food and beverages in the HIS Cafeteria are provided by SHF Services, a market leader serving international schools and corporations in Malaysia. They have recruited an international chef manager for 2016/17 academic year to provide healthy, nutritious and balanced meals for our school community. Students have the option to purchase food from the school canteen, or to bring their own food from home. All food served (and the expectation for food brought from home) is halal.

All students have 3 meal plan options:

  1. Pre-order meals from HIS Cafeteria (meals for the whole term are prepaid at the start of term)
  2. Purchase meals at the HIS Cafeteria using the smartcard (preferred way) or cash
  3. Bring packed food from home

We strongly recommend Preschool to Year 3 students to pre-order their meals or bring packed food. This is to prevent any loss of money due to carelessness.

Menu for 2023/2024