3 year strategic plan


To IGNITE a passion for lifelong learning, so that we can nurture resilient, compassionate, critical thinkers in a constantly changing world



Strategic Aim: 1
Culture and Identity: Emotional IQ: Understanding our place and responsibilities in the world
Guide learners to develop a balanced sense of self-identity, understanding the opportunities and responsibilities that they have as global citizens.

Our Key Outcomes

  • The attitudes and attributes of the 10 Masteries and the School Values are reflected in how our young people conduct themselves, both at school and in society
  • Students have a strong sense of personal identity, knowing their history, cultural traditions and languages
  • Students demonstrate a clear capacity to understand issues from different points of view and frames of reference, and are able to express themselves with reasoning that is clear, specific, relevant and open-minded



Strategic Aim: 2
Holistic STEAM Curriculum: Develop an authentic, relevant and challenging curriculum
Challenge educational norms and boundaries to provide a rigorous, innovative and trans-disciplinary learning journey that has true relevance to our future

Our Key Outcomes

  • HIS recognised in Malaysia as a leading innovator in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and in promoting Financial Literacy
  • Student creativity is cultivated through the school’s active promotion of the arts, languages, sports and enterprise
  • Students exhibit effective deep learning skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, citizenship, and character



Strategic Aim: 3
Growth Mindset: Develop self-regulating learners
Equip learners with the cognitive and non-cognitive competencies and dispositions so that know they can and will succeed

Our Key Outcomes

  • Students who are curious, resilient and optimistic in their outlook, with the courage to step outside their comfort zone
  • Students who are metacognitively proactive in their learning, with clearly evident ability to think critically and creatively when approaching problems and opportunities
  • Students who are equipped with the social skills to comfortably and effectively communicate with people from a wide range of socio-economic, national and cultural backgrounds



Strategic Aim: 4
Building Staff Capacity: Develop professional efficacy and leadership
Cultivate a highly skilled, effective & reflective professional learning community around the school’s Mission, Vision and Values

Our Key Outcomes

  • The school’s guiding statements are highly visible and evident in and around the school; community members can fully explain the School Mission, Vision and Values, providing evidence as to how these are enacted
  • Administrative operations are transparent, understood and actively supported by all stakeholders
  • Efficient lines of communication across the school with all stakeholders given a voice and kept fully informed as evidenced by regular SWOT analysis and surveys


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