HIS aims to be a school that helps your child celebrate “Life in All Its Fullness”


The school motto translates from Latin as “Life in All Its Fullness”. It reflects our mission to help students succeed in life and live a life of significance. This means enjoying a FULL school life which will prepare them to live FULL and significant lives as adults.

The raintree symbolises the fullness and abundance of life we celebrate as a school.

The circle surrounding the raintree symbolises the globe and reflects our commitment to adopting a global perspective of education, uniting the best of East and West.

(Attitude of Kindness)
Perfect virtue
(Good Human Being)

The branches of the tree are shaped to resemble the Chinese character “仁”, which is a highly significant and meaningful character in both the Chinese language and culture. It refers to the virtues of “benevolence”, “goodness”, “kindness” and “integrity”. This reinforces our belief that to be a complete person and to live a full life, we need to serve others.