Ms. Davina McCarthy

“At HELP International School, we have a dynamic combination of the best traditions of British education and the strong family and community ethos that are so important here in the East.

Our mission is to “help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education”. Our motto, “Vita ad Plenitudinem”, translated as “Life in all its Fullness” is all about engaging with the possibilities, developing relationships, building character and learning to meet challenges, both as individuals and as members of a thriving and vital community.

Our core values reflect a desire to prepare students for a fulfilling life in this fast evolving world. In the same spirit that we look to the past for the leadership which inspires our class names, we aspire to nurture leaders for the future – a generation of internationally minded and technologically aware global citizens who retain the core values of our community.

We have brought together a team of dedicated teachers and administrators whose professionalism and commitment to our educational values is one of our true strengths. We continue to draw in talented educators from all around the world and we are dedicated to ensuring that their professional development continues and that they grow with us. I invite you to join us and become part of a dynamic community.”